Want to approximate your shipping and import VAT?

We created the EU FBA Shipping calculator as a free resource to evaluate your product idea on the European market. Insert your product costs, shipping and projected sale prices, and use along with the FBA Profit Calculator to assess your profitability.

Exchange rate: Enter the most up to date exchange rate (approximate monthly rate already shown).

Item cost per unit (USD) Enter your product cost in USD.


Number of units to ship Enter number of units.

unit weight (Kg) Enter your product weight in Kg.


Shipping cost per kg (USD) Enter the cost that your manufacturer or shipping agent has quoted you per kg. If not use our default rate as a likely worst case.

** This calculator does not take into account import duty, please check if your product will incur duty.
Total Shipping cost Total import VAT due VAT can be reclaimed if your business is VAT registered Total import VAT due in GBP VAT can be reclaimed if your business is VAT registered
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