Blog/ Creating a Million-Dollar Amazon FBA Business in Two Years

Learn what it took for me to make create a million dollar FBA business, and my tips for private label sellers thinking about selling on FBA Europe on The Entrepreneur House Podcast.

I recently spoke with host, Chris Reynolds, about my FBA Europe journey and how I went from knowing very little about selling on Amazon to rapidly building my private label business in just two years.

If you are already selling or interested in selling on Amazon in Europe, check out my take on the differences between selling on Amazon UK vs Amazon US, as well as the possible disadvantages of selling in Europe. If you’re in doubt about whether Europe is the right move for you, this is definitely a must-listen.

Chris and I also cover a range of topics including tips for choosing an FBA product to sell, how to connect with good suppliers, and what the future holds for FBA Sellers.

Listen HERE and don’t forget to subscribe to the Entrepreneur House Podcast.  Thanks for having me, Chris!

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