Jungle Scout Extension

By John Cavendish
This product research tool is a great timesaver. Lift product data from search pages and export it for comparison and reference. There’s a video Greg Mercer (the creator) made and shows how to use the tool and find products fast.

Jungle Scout Web App

By John Cavendish
This allows you to find products that meet your criteria from a huge database of products. I use this on sometimes but still prefer manual research. Try it for yourself.

Google Trends

By John Cavendish
This tool will allow you to see if the product you are researching is a seasonal product and if it has growing trend.

Ali Inspector

By John Cavendish
This tool can save hours of time searching manually and help to locate hidden opportunities that may have been overlooked. Find products to sell on Amazon that are on AliExpress. Launch products with only a few units before doing a more capital intensive larger inventory... Read more
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