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The FBA Frontiers Course contains everything you'll need to know to get up to speed and start selling on Amazon EU within 2 months!

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As more FBA sellers look at Europe as the next place to set up shop, there’s never going to be a better opportunity to stake your claim early and set your business up for success. Our course has been customized to help sellers like you, who are in America but want to expand their existing FBA business into Europe – or to get started in Europe as a first-timer.

Course Breakdown

Module 1

EU Product Research

Whether you've already got a product you'd like to test out in Europe, or your looking for a new product to launch, throughout this module you'll not only learn effective ways to find and vet the success of your products in the EU, but you'll also learn real strategies to selecting winning products specific to European markets.

Module 2

Getting Set-Up in the EU

Module 1 wastes no time getting you on track to launch your product in Europe. As you work your way through each video lesson, you'll get a detailed tour of your European Sellers Account, register for your VAT number, have a clear customer service plan for each country and be prepared for importing your products into the EU.

Module 3

Sourcing and Packaging

Learn the ins and outs of working with a manufacturers in China and important considerations you need to make when designing your products packaging.
Get our exclusive list of trusted partners and see what to look for when evaluating manufacturers.

Module 4

Launching your Product

Once you're ready to start selling, we've got you covered. Learn how to prepare your product and optimize your listing for the launch date. Our special Launch Strategies video will teach you sales techniques for getting reviews and increasing your product expose to get you ranked!

Module 5

Marketing Your Product

The work doesn't stop after you launch. We've got a complete guide for how to use PPC to increase your sales, get more feedback and see more reviews. Discover the ongoing activities you can carry on to keep sales flowing and maintain your product's momentum.

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“I knew about the success others had getting into amazon FBA US, but was reluctant to enter the market because I felt I was late. Luckily I came across John’s course and moved straight into FBA Europe. Through his techniques, I found the right niche and was on page one in 6 weeks.”

New Amazon Europe Power Seller

“This program was vital to my becoming a 6 figure power seller on Europe FBA in a matter of months.
I had already become a player on Amazon US and through John’s guidance, I was able glide straight into Europe and maximize sales in multiple markets all at once.”

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What's Included In This Course?

The time to join FBAFrontiers is NOW. As more FBA sellers look at Europe as the next place to set up shop, there's never going to be a better opportunity to stake your claim early and set your business up for success than there is right now. Our course has been customized to help sellers like you, who are in America but want to expand your existing FBA business into Europe - or get started in Europe as a first-timer.

5 Comprehensive Video Modules to take you from Research to Launch
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About Your Instructor

Before starting his Amazon Europe journey, John had zero experience with running an online business. After university, he joined the corporate world in London but rapidly realized that it was not for him.

After launching his first Amazon brand in 2014, John was soon able to quit his job to travel the world and network with other successful Amazon sellers from around the globe. Today, he's generating 6 figures of revenue per month from over a dozen products in Europe. John's experience led him to develop a specific, step-by-step system to find success with every product launched.

John developed FBA Frontiers because so many sellers he met had great businesses on, but had completely dismissed Europe. He's since made it his mission to help sellers overcome the barriers to entry in the EU and find success by bringing their products into Europe.

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